Webmaster believes that effective environmental management enhances business performance and is inseparable from all other business objectives.

We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance across all aspects of the business which interact with the environment and to ensure a safe and secure workplace for our employees.

As an organisation, we are obligated under the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 and ensure full compliance with these regulations.


At their site at Lowerhouse Mills, Webmaster works in tandem with their sister company Slater Harrison. As the two companies work side by side, Webmaster is able to use Slater Harrisons ‘Centura’ specialist pigment coatings that are water based, non-toxic, fully recyclable and free of any metallic pigments or plastics.

As well as their strong environmental credentials, these coatings provide a unique and innovative alternative to polyester laminates or metallic inks for luxury packaging and graphics and are ideal for converters and end users looking to create a premium finish, while reducing their impact on the environment. They are suitable for all common printing techniques, foil blocking, laminating and embossing.

Waste Reduction

We have waste compacters on site, which reduces the carbon footprint by reducing collections, and all waste removed is recycled again or converted as an energy source.

Water Management

We treat our waste water on site using the process of chemical flocculation and pH correction followed by press filtration, to remove solids prior to discharge. The cleaned water is then returned to our water provider.

Working Environment

The health and wellbeing of our staff is paramount. This year we have trained two mental health first aiders who are available on site to offer care and support.

Energy Conservation

We take energy conservation and recycling very seriously and have policies in place across our business.

We recently completed a huge undertaking to install LED lighting throughout the business.

Some of our converting machines are equipped with sensors so that we can monitor the consumption of gas and electricity to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

We also have solar panels installed on some of our buildings and plan to increase these in the coming years.