Glassmaster 175 Emergency Glass Repair Film

Glassmaster 175 Emergency Glass Repair Film manufactured at our site in Cheshire is a very strong, clear polyester film that is coated on one side with an environmentally friendly water-based adhesive.  The product is used to temporarily repair broken windows until such time as they can be professionally and permanently repaired or replaced.

Glassmaster 175 Emergency Glass Repair Film is supplied with a peelable liner on the reverse that features a printed grid to aid cutting to size.  Each roll measures 914mm in width and is 15 metres in length.

The main benefits of Glassmaster 175 over and above ‘boarding up’ are that the repair is quick, easy, clean, quiet, does not look unsightly, no irreparable damage to window frames , retains natural daylight and is practically invisible.

Our customers include schools, colleges, county councils, property landlords, railway engineering depots, DIY stores and glaziers.

The minimum order quantity is just one roll.  Next day delivery can usually be achieved in the UK, all prices are inclusive of delivery.

Please contact our sales department on 01625 578977 for further help.