Webmaster are FSC Certified

Webmaster are delighted to announce that we are now FSC Certified!

To achieve FSC Certification, a business must undergo an audit conducted by a certification body & provide evidence of sustainable systems & working practices.

FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international non-profit organization established to promote responsible and sustainable forestry practices. When a product is FSC certified, it means that the wood or wood-based materials used to make that product come from forests that have been independently assessed and certified as being managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

FSC certification is a way to ensure that forests are managed in a way that considers the well-being of the ecosystem, wildlife, and local communities while also promoting sustainable harvesting practices. It sets standards for responsible forest management, which include criteria such as:

  1. Protection of biodiversity: Certified forests must maintain and protect the diversity of plant and animal species within the forest ecosystem.
  2. Sustainable harvesting: Trees are harvested in a way that ensures the forest can regenerate naturally and maintain its ecological functions.
  3. Respect for local communities: Certification requires that the rights and well-being of indigenous and local communities are respected, and their involvement in decision-making is encouraged.
  4. Avoidance of illegal logging: FSC certification helps prevent illegal logging by requiring transparent and accountable supply chains.
  5. Long-term forest management planning: Certified forests must have long-term management plans in place to guide sustainable practices over time.

When you see the FSC logo on a product, it indicates that the product is made from wood or paper sourced from FSC-certified forests or from recycled materials. This certification system provides consumers with a way to make more environmentally and socially conscious choices when purchasing wood and paper products. It is commonly associated with items like furniture, flooring, paper, and packaging materials.

We thank every member of our team for the part they have played in this outstanding achievement.

Here we have a picture of our Business Director Jenny Smallwood proudly displaying our certificate.